Since getting the diesel “issue” sorted on Sundance I’ve managed to get a good number of sails in with friends without any hiccups and felt confident taking her out on my own. The plan was to leave on the morning tide (about 08:00) and spend the whole day sailing down on the ebb and back up on the flood.

That was the plan but it didn’t quite end up like that.


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The thought of pressing a button when the fhit hits the san and a big whirly bird comes to the rescue is quite a reassuring thought, but it’s something I wouldn’t want to do if I can really help it. I would like to think I would take Blondie Hasler’s advice and “drown like a gentleman” however I love my life and have a young family to look after, if there was a chance that I could be rescued after I had exhausted every possible option I had then I would take that opportunity. It may seem a unfair thing to do, to ask a group of strangers to risk their lives to save one but it’s part of our nature and a great part of being a caring human.

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I feel like it’s my birthday, I’ve had a package turn up with my new Crewsaver Ergofit Lifejacket, Ocean Safety PLB1 and a Standard Horizon HX870E Handheld DSC VHF.

I thought I would write a “first look” review on each and share it with you. I’ll start off with the lifejacket and I’ll review the other two over the next couple of weeks.

When it comes to safety, I don’t think you can skimp, I ride motorcycles and I wouldn’t ride in a £50 helmet, why would I want to wear a £50 lifejacket? I understand a £50 lifejacket is better then none and many people may not be able to afford a higher spec one. I also understand why people don’t want to wear a lifejacket, the philosophy of not falling overboard in the first place, the usual saying “wearing a lifejacket just increases the chances of your body being found”, but whilst there’s a chance, even a slim one I think we have take them and even create them.

I don’t want to be bobbing about in the pitch black sea, waves and spray breaking over me wishing I bought a better lifejacket instead of those Musto/other expensive waterproofs I don’t really need.

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