The second, first sail and more engine woes….

After the launch and the engine “issues” the next couple of trips down to the boat, I wanted to make sure the engine was ok before taking the boat out again. I cleaned the heat exchanger, replaced the thermostat and coolant and cleaned out the netting in the raw water sea cock. I still had a little bit of diesel under the engine but I wasn’t sure if this was just residue from swapping filters etc last time so noting it I sponged it up, and started the motor. It started but it still didn’t seem right, the revs dropped and picked up, and dropped and picked up but it didn’t cut out.

Nearly a month after the launch I had arranged to take a couple of friends (Andy from the launch and an old school friend Nik) out sailing for a few hours over the top of the tide to finally get some sails up and check everything else if ok. After work on the Saturday we piled into Niks car, headed down to Newport and before getting to the club found the local bistro pub for some grub. We got settled on the boat and decided to start the engine, again there was diesel in the engine bay and we had to bleed it start it, something still wasn’t right. Not wanting to worry about it that evening we had a couple of beers and make use of the clubhouse whilst there was enough water in the pill.

The next morning we woke, rowed to the shore and make some breakfast in the club galley, I had planned on leaving about 7.30 am but with the boys doing their makeup we didn’t cast off till just after 8. Getting off the mooring was fine, a line to the midships of the boat next to us held us in place whilst we cast off the bow and stern lines. Releasing the midship we motored backwards out of the mooring and then forwards into the river, The first time off the mooring went so smooth considering the fiasco we had getting on the time before. Out in the river we motored against the tide past the club, once I was happy we raised the sails and tacked our way down the river and into the Bristol Channel.

The wind was a nice F3-F4 which was great for the first time, full main and the No. 4 genoa (playing it safe) pulled us along and a good 5 knots, a couple of times the wind dropped but this wasn’t an issue. Once out in the Channel, Andy and Nik took it in turns reaching back and forth to see who could get the highest speed through water, 7.3 knots was the highest seen, helped out by a bit of swell I think. Staying around Newport Deep and the the Usk Patch we knew we were close enough to get back to the mooring if we needed to. Once we had out fun we ran up the river, dropped the sails and slowly motored onto the mooring without a hitch an hour or so after high water at 11am.

It couldn’t have been a better sail to be honest for the first time raising the canvas.

I noticed once we were back the cotton covered rubber pipe from the CAV filter to the lift pump felt a bit soft in places and was wet with diesel. I wasn’t sure if this may be another cause of the diesel/air leak or from just bleeding the system that morning but I made a note of the size and decided to replace it next time I was down.

I’ll show you what I found in my next blog post!

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  1. Sounds like the perfect morning’s sailing 🙂 Good luck sorting out your engine woes. With the tides we play in around here I live in dread of ours failing at just the wrong moment, although she’s never let us down yet.

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