We’re on the water

Well the official club launch has been and Sundance is floating, well at least I hope she is! It all went fine, a slight dribble from the raw water inlet hose but noting an extra turn on the hose clamp didn’t sort. I changed the sterngland over the winter so it was a relief not to see any water coming in through the shaft!

Nearly as important as floating is how she sits on the mud, especially with her 1.55m fin keel. The mooring hasn’t had a boat on it for 6 years or so it’s not as flat as the others around it and there’s a bit of a slope backwards but nothing that would really cause an issue. Because of this slope I pulled the boat a little more forward then others would be but I’ll drop the boat back gradually to hopefully flatten it off. Having it slightly forward also means if the boat slides back a bit it’s well away from the stern chain.

At the moment the new mooring lines are way too long but once she’s settled I’ll splice loops into the bow lines and the excess line will be used to make new stern lines. I also need to set the rigging up now she’s on the water so that’ll be my next few jobs, then it’ll be getting out on the boat for the first sail of 2018! Hopefully we can grab an hour in a week or so for a potter up and down the river for Vin’s first time out on the boat!

I still have the gas install to finish, well start! I have all the bits but I ran out of time. I also have a new twist and lock toilet to replace the worn out, slightly smelly head that’s probably been on Sundance since she was first launched! There’s also the locker liners I wanted to replace over the winter but it was too cold to epoxy seal them so I plan to cut them out and seal them over the summer between sails.

Anyways, I’ll be popping down to the boat this Sunday to make sure all is well and get the rigging set up. I’ll let you know how much water is in the bilge!!!


  1. Thanks for replying to my post on the forum and posting this link to your blog. I look forward to reading it and following your adventures.
    Blog looks good and is easy to read.

  2. Hi Karen, thanks for the kind comment. This post was a bit rushed and the site does need work but I’ll keep at it.

    Good luck with your blog when you start it, I’ll keep an eye out for it. If you need help with getting it setup give me a shout and I’ll try my best.

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