To Vlog or not to Vlog…

The thing I dislike more then have to put my thoughts into words is listening to my own voice however I’m sure the people around me are getting fed up with me droning on about sailing and boats. That’s the problem with being landlocked, people think I’m crackers for being into sailing, although a few of my friends understand my passion the others, quite possibly my wife and work colleagues are getting fed up of my enthusiasm with the sea.

Over the last couple of years I’ve favoured watching YouTube Vlogs over TV and I’ve read less and less written blogs. One of a handful of written blog I do like is Jayne Toyne’s Boogie Nights she’s got a great way of putting humour in to words, something my monotone mind struggles with.

Recently I’m taking in a huge amount of information, I’m doing a lot of woodwork on Sundance so I’m reading up on the best way of cutting, sealing, finishing hardwood, plywood. Swatting up on the Day Skipper syllabus (athough my evening course has been cancelled) and trying to work out whag to buy Louise for Christmas. I’m not sure I can take in learning a whole new software program let alone filming and producing decent clips.

However I do enjoy photography and the artistic side of framing a shot, I do enjoy learning new skills and making something out of nothing, maybe this is why I enjoy working with my hands with metal and wood so I’ve decided to give vlogging a shot. I’m not saying I’ll start by uploading award winning videos but like this blog I really want to document my time with Sundance, hopefully to make my little lad Vin proud of his dad and what he’s done, it’s just another way of doing it, even with my boring West Midlands accent.

I’ve asked Santa for a budget action cam and I’ve got my DSLR so hopefully once the winter boat maintenance is sorted I can start learning a new skill. I’ve set up 2wheels1keel on YouTube (athough I’ve not uploaded anything yet) and I’ve downloaded a few video editors to get use to over the cold months.

So if you fancy seeing more of what I’m up to subscribe and I’ll do my best to entertain you. I promise I won’t start asking for money or set up a Patreon account, I would be sailing anyway and lets face it if I can witter on to you guy’s my nearest and dearest might appreciate the distraction.

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