The Great Hoist

That’s it, Sundance is out of the water for winter, I semi considered keeping her in the water over the colder months however I have a few jobs I want to get sorted before next year.

To say I was a little apprehensive about the haul out was an understatement, the forecast was 15kn gusting over 20 (it was showing F7 up channel at Thornbury SC). It was blowing up river with the tide so I only had to worry about being pushed  one way.

I was the only one wanting to come out so that didn’t help, luckily another member turned up and decided to come out on the same day. This meant I could help him on his boat to see how it’s done! The wind picked up, right on cue, the drizzle started but we made it into the Wise without any trouble. Tess (Richard’s boat) is bilge keel so she was sat on the hard pretty quickly. Before I knew it Richard and I was rowing out to Sundance for my turn.

With the obligatory crowd gathering at the club house we dropped the mooring we had been loaned for 2017 for the last time and made our way round to the slip. The Wise slipping into the water I checked my leeway and slid into the warm arms of the mechanical hoist with out any issues. Straps fastened, Wise hoisted we made our way our of the river Usk. Apart from the keel catching slightly at the top of the slip it took longer to get Sundance into her cradle then it took to get out of the water.

After casting off the mooring lines 15 times, sailing a miniscule 199nm and 45 1/2 hours this year a quick wash down, the sails and spray hood removed that was it for the season. The sailing was either over the top of the tides or trips down to Cardiff, I really wanted to go further afield and I really wanted to take part in the Jester Baltimore Challenge but I needed more time in the boat.

Now we have the winter to get the boat jobs list shortened which you’ll hear all about!

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