The Bucket List

I’ve been thinking for a while what my bucket list would be. Now I’m extremely lucky to have met and married someone who I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with and I’m massively grateful we have been able to have our little boy Vincent together as well. Let it be known these two things are the, and will be the greatest things to happen to me so if I were to die tomorrow I would die a happy man! Excluding my family I haven’t really done much with my life, if we’re talking life experiences, travelling or even qualifications so I thought I would put it down in writing the things I would like to achieve before I become worm/fish food, some won’t be ticked off, some will but here we go!

I’ll keep the ones I think are most achievable/preferable at the top and work my way down (apart from the first one as that’s, The “Dream”)

1. Long and Slow Circumnavigation with my Family

I’ll put this first as this would be the ultimate thing I could imagine doing, however without winning the lottery I doubt I’ll ever get ticked off. To travel the world by boat with my family taking in every nook and cranny and experiencing other cultures would be the dream. To bring my children up seeing the world could only make them better people and us as well. Like I say this probably won’t ever happen but I’ll do my best to bring them up knowing there’s more to the world then just the town we live in.

2. Cycle the Col de Bavella, Corsica

I was lucky enough on one of the few times I’ve been abroad to have been to Corsica, a beautiful Island where I hired a car and drove 1000km in a week seeing different places, beaches, mountains and cities. One thing I did was to drive the Col de Bavella which took my breath away, to be above the clouds but still on ground was a fantastic feeling, the awe of the mountains, trees and landscape. We (my sister and I) even picked up hitch hiker on the way up, a French chap doing a mountain guide course who was running late to finish. We stopped at a pizzeria at the top (Les Aiguilles De Bavella) got a thumbs up from the hitch hiker as he completed his course and are some wonderful food as cyclists and walkers went by.

I would love to go back and cycle this pass, it would probably kill me but I would love to give it a go and visit the places I had before. I really wanted to honeymoon on Corsica so maybe I can worm this into some sort of big anniversary celebration and drag Louise along for a sociable cycle!

3. Cross the Atlantic Solo, or with my Children

Crossing the Atlantic is something I really want to achieve, this is probably the thing I’ll work my hardest towards completing. I have always wanted to do it solo but I would love to be able to do it with my children when their older, if they wanted to. I think I would do the trade winds route, across Biscay, work my way down Portugal, Canaries, Cape Verde, then across to the Caribbean. Have Louise fly out to meet me for some sun and a holiday of a lifetime! For the return work my way up the American coast and somewhere around New York head towards the Azores and then back home.

4. Sail the Swedish Archipelagos

Who wouldn’t! I’m not one for the cold but a Swedish summer sounds very inviting. I wouldn’t say no to exploring the whole of the Baltic but to keep things remotely possible I best try to keep this one a short and sweet summer holiday!

5. Build a Boat

Wood, GRP, Metal I wouldn’t be fussed. Ideally I would love to build a clinker boat, a Folkboat would be top of the list but if it’s a stitch and ply kayak, or a cedar strip canoe I would be happy.

6. Visit Japan

I would love to visit Japan, from the crazily busy cities to the quiet countryside and everything in between. I’m not sure why but the Japanese culture has always interested me, the food and the lifestyle. Definitely one I want to tick off the list.

7. Circumnavigate the British Isles, Inc Ireland

This would be another adventure I would like to do, but the Atlantic ranks higher. A figure of eight going around mainland UK anti clockwise, over the top of Scotland and down to the Isle of Man. Take in the Welsh coast, clockwise round Ireland and back down the Irish coast and back home. I’m not fussed about doing it non stop, I would want to stop in as many places as possible.

8. Build My Own House

Why not? It doesn’t look like we’ll ever be able to buy one but we may be able to build one somehow, somewhere? I’ve always had a thing about building a house of straw bales (What was that about three pigs?). To be able to build a house and home for my family would be top Dad points!

9. Tour Europe by Motorcycle

Yup, as with the sailing I would want to do this and take as much in as possible. I did have a route planned out before I met Louise. I had the bike as well but to be honest if I could do this in a sidecar with Lou when (if) we retire then that would be fantastic.

10. Sail to Iceland

We have friends in Iceland and I think it would be fantastic to be able to sail there. Again I’m not one for the cold but a once in a lifetime trip I’m sure I could put up with it. I would want to stop off in Shetland and Faroe Islands before heading to North Iceland, somewhere around the 66° mark.

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