Sundance has a lovely wooden tiller but no tiller extension which isn’t the end of the world but I do like sitting on the coaming whilst I’m helming in nice weather and tucking under the spray hood when it’s not so nice, both I can do with the long tiller but it’s all a stretch. I decided on the Spinlock EA1200, I had thought I would prefer the joystick handle coming from a dinghy background but the asymmetrical one is a joy to use. The other thing I wanted to add to the tiller was a bracket or connector for the windvane (I decided on the Windpilot tiller bracket, despite the cost it’s seemed the best made for the job) as all I had was a canvas sleeve that slid over the tiller with a couple of eyes for the lines. This worked but it did mean an extra faff if you needed to unconnect the windvane in a hurry but with the tiller extension bracket I wouldn’t be able to use it.

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