I’ve bought myself a Sailspar continuous line roller reefing for Sundance as sail changes whilst solo are a pain in the backside let alone trying to fold the sail at the end of the day! To go with this I wanted a clutch to go on the reefing line so I can easily pull it through and lock it off where I wanted. Doing a bit of digging on the net I found Spinlock do a couple of clutches and Selden do a “Tandem fiddle double cam”. In the end I opted for the Spinlock clutch as I thought the Selden system could be a bit of a handful or two handful so to speak (I should point out I’ve not tried one and have heard they are very easy to use, it’s just a/my personal choice. I tried to find some sort of reviews or instructions online for the Spinlock XTS0814/1M and I couldn’t so here’s my thoughts.

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