I was with a friend at the Southampton Boat show who was looking for a DAB radio for his boat and we got on to the subject of music whist sailing. Strangly enough I has the same conversation with a club member a few weeks back, both listened to music in the cockpit whilst sailing, one over speaker and one with headphones, both seemed surprised I didn’t.

I enjoy music, I’m one of those that will listen to anything quite happily but when I’m sailing I like the peace and quiet of the sea. I go sailing to get away from the noise of modern life, internet, phones, radios, adverts etc. It’s vary rare I’ll look at my phone whilst on the boat, infact it normally stays in the chart table.

I’m sure I would stick the LW on if I had been at sea for a week or so, just to check the rest of the world is still there, I would probably enjoy listening to a rhythm but I’ll enjoy the sounds of the natural world for as long as possible. There’s nothing like the sound of water lapping against theĀ  hull to put a smile on my face.

I’ve been thinking for a while what my bucket list would be. Now I’m extremely lucky to have met and married someone who I truly love and want to spend the rest of my life with and I’m massively grateful we have been able to have our little boy Vincent together as well. Let it be known these two things are the, and will be the greatest things to happen to me so if I were to die tomorrow I would die a happy man! Excluding my family I haven’t really done much with my life, if we’re talking life experiences, travelling or even qualifications so I thought I would put it down in writing the things I would like to achieve before I become worm/fish food, some won’t be ticked off, some will but here we go!

I’ll keep the ones I think are most achievable/preferable at the top and work my way down (apart from the first one as that’s, The “Dream”)

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I do enjoy Radio 4, I like listening to people talk probably more then I enjoy listening to music, not that I don’t like listening to a song or two now and then. I never really know who’s going to be on it, some people I’ve heard of, other I haven’t however, I haven’t found one yet that I’ve wanted to turn off. Everyone has a story and I feel we should all take the time to listen, and we should listen to the music they enjoy, even if it isn’t your thing. If I ever manage to do a transatlantic sail then I would love to download the archive and spend my time bobbing about in theĀ doldrums learning and listening to the story of peoples lives.


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Starting a blog is something I’ve considered for a while, I’m a wear your heart on your sleeve kind of guy. I have no problem sharing my thought with others and this way I don’t have to chew the ears of my wife and work colleagues. You’re here reading my words and you may decide to come back and read more or you may decide not, either way I share my thoughts and I can look back at them.Continue reading