I mentioned pretty much a year ago that I planned on rewiring Sundance here. Well I’m a step closer after recieveing my custom Blue Sea panels and I’m very happy with them.

They did take a little longer then expected to turn up but that wasn’t the end of the world. Now I just need to make a new panel/box to fit them in to but more on that shortly.

Sundance has a lovely wooden tiller but no tiller extension which isn’t the end of the world but I do like sitting on the coaming whilst I’m helming in nice weather and tucking under the spray hood when it’s not so nice, both I can do with the long tiller but it’s all a stretch. I decided on the Spinlock EA1200, I had thought I would prefer the joystick handle coming from a dinghy background but the asymmetrical one is a joy to use. The other thing I wanted to add to the tiller was a bracket or connector for the windvane (I decided on the Windpilot tiller bracket, despite the cost it’s seemed the best made for the job) as all I had was a canvas sleeve that slid over the tiller with a couple of eyes for the lines. This worked but it did mean an extra faff if you needed to unconnect the windvane in a hurry but with the tiller extension bracket I wouldn’t be able to use it.

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One thing Sundance didn’t have when I bought her was roller reefing for her genoa, her previous owner opting for hank on sails as she was club raced with a crew. I thought I could manage with these sailing singlehanded and whilst I can it’s hard work, especially when the wind picks up and you have to change the sails in a good bit of Bristol Channel wind over tide. It was the sole reason I didn’t take part in the 2017 Jester Baltimore Challenge and with the 2019 event round the corner I thought I better get things sorted.

Roller reefing has been on the cards, well since I’ve owned her, but it’s such an expense I haven’t managed to get it till now!

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I needed to go up the mast last year but managed to put it off, I’m not the best with heights but if it needs to be done it needs to be done! If I’m going to do it though I would rather have my feet on something rather then hanging from a harness or bosuns chair.

I have seen various methods of mast climbing but a mast ladder appealed the most to me. I said singlehanded or with inexperienced crew mostly so having to ask someone who isn’t so sure on how to use a winch to winch you 30ft in the air isn’t my idea of a fun day out. With a ladder I am in control and another person can tail the safety line on the winch or I can use a climbing asscender myself.Continue reading

As you can see the whole system was in need of a refit, the orange pipe dated 1991 and the copper pipe pitted quite bad.

It’s May already! Where has the time gone? With all the rush of getting the boat on the water it’s been a bit of a down time getting on with life and not a lot of sailing. The plan was for little man to head to Granny’s house for a night and Lou and I to have a night on the boat. We had thought a night in Cardiff Bay but settled on popping the boat on the club pontoon and getting a few more jobs started or finished off that I didn’t manage to get done over the winter.

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Finaly fitted the refinished grabrails and new sprayhood wood!

The winter jobs list grows and grows and launch time is just around the corner so I’ve had to get the red pen out and prioritise what needs to be done.

I’ve had the last week off work, originally to sail a friends boat around from Cardiff to Plymouth but that fell through. Although it would have been a fantastic opportunity and experience I’m quite glad as it’s given me a few days to knuckle down and get to work. The plan was to have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the boat, Wednesday at home and Thursday and the weekend in Plymouth where we had booked a cottage Lou to meet me after the now cancelled sail round.

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The last blog post I mentioned I was allocated my permanent mooring but it might not be there, well if it was I couldn’t find it. I had an inkling it wasnt, I heard the person that was given it last year didn’t go on it and used a loan mooring as he couldn’t afford, didn’t want to or didn’t have the time to put a new one in. Not that I’m complaining! I wasn’t expecting to find a pile of rope on the bank but I had to look.

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We’re making progress… as I mentioned before it was the mooring meeting at the club last Wednesday so I had booked half a day off work to get down before it started and try to get a few more jobs ticked off the list. A quick blast down and I was at the club, well I’m not sure you can blast anywhere in a 1.5 NA diesel car but I got there.

First thing on the list was to try out the improvised puller I made to draw in the cutlass bearing.

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