Sweet Sensation

Gosh it’s been another busy one, last time I mentioned I got a lot of jobs done on the boat but ran out of antifoul and bought the mooring lines home to splice a loop into them. I also mentioned the trusty little car was having a few suspension issues with a bit (not a lot) of weight in the rear. Well it turned out the rear axle bearing failed a few days later which left me with the no car, well it left me with two cars, both knackered, one with a shot engine and one with a shot chassis…

But as always I’m going off on a tangent, the plan was to go down to the boat on the Sunday to finish off the antifoul, get the mooring lines on and have a bit of a tidy up before the launch the next Sunday. I borrowed Louise’s car and set off at 6am to Newport on Easter Sunday to catch the early spring tide. Although I was pretty shattered from a busy week at work (inc Good Friday and the Saturday) I was looking forward to finishing off the boat. The drive down was great, I’m not sure I saw another car and did it in record time! I stopped off to get some dirty breakfast at McDonald’s before heading to the club. I’m not sure if it was because it was a lovely day and the sun was coming out but after getting through the gate to the power station I felt an enormous sense of euphoria driving into the boat yard.

I don’t just mean I was happy to finish the drive down but a total feeling of freedom, a weight lifting off my shoulders and I had come to my “happy place”. I’m not sure many people have said that upon arriving into Newport! Not to disrespect Newport, in a light hearted way it’s the butt of a lot of jokes like my “home” town of Wolverhampton and many other places. Honestly though I felt at home, the sailing club and it’s members feel like family and I feel like they have taken me in as one of them. Pulling up to Sundance always put a smile on my face, Louise doesn’t understand that Sundance is like a faithful pet to me, a man’s best friend, my best friend. When I’m at the club with the boat I don’t think about life, I don’t worry about checking my phone or social media. I have things to do and people to speak to, all happy to be doing what their doing and being with other like minded people.

I got the mooring lines on, I got the antifoul finished and a few other bits but most importantly I felt revived, refreshed, happy, content despite a busy week at work a 6am start and an engine swap to start when I got home. I got the engine out of one car that evening, the engine out of the other the next day and swapped over the next.

What an exhausting week!


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