They say you never forget how to ride a bike….

Lou doesn’t like this picture of her but I do. Plus look at his little face….

It’s been over a year since I last had a proper ride, and I didn’t do much before that, and now my waist line is showing it…

With work, getting married, Lou’s pregnancy, little man turning up and going sailing I just haven’t got out.

Something has to change…


It was Vin’s first birthday a few weeks ago and we threw him a little party (not that he’ll remember it, but it’s an excuse to get family and friends together), he’s one lucky lad as he’s had lots of new toys and some birthday money as well. Being one and well not being able to tell us what he wants us to do with his money we decided the whole premium bonds route was no fun and decided it’s more fun spending other peoples money, his.

We both like cycling, Lou cycles every day to work (the three days she’s back there), I don’t as it’s an 80 mile round trip and i’ll never see them if I do. The only time I can cycle is on my days off really and on Sunday we tend to do something together or I get a free pass and go sailing, or a Monday but I have to look after little man whilst Lou’s at work. We decided it would be good for Vin to get out in the fresh Shropshire air rather then being stuck in his car seat every time we have to pop into town or to the shops.

So we decided hell have to buy his own cycle seat!

I set the seat up on my Marin hybrid as it was bought as a family potter about bike and Lou can ride it with the seat lowered. I had a Topeak pannier rack already on it and hoped the seat would clip onto that but the pannier bars make it to wide. Not a problem really as I can put the pannier rack on Lou’s bike and she can carry the nappies and I can carry Vin.

I’ve not taken it out yet but Lou took the little man round the block to try it, she says it’s strange having the weight further back and up high but manageable. I’m hoping the weather will be ok this weekend and we can have cycle into town and along the river.


I’ll let you know how it goes…

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