Rewire Plans…..

Sundances wiring is ok, well it works but it’s the same as most other 45 year old boats, showing it’s age. It’s not the neatest and if I’m honest I couldn’t tell you what wire if for what! It needs rewiring however I have so many things to do this year it’ll have to wait till next winter.

This hasn’t stopped me planning on what’s required and I’ve produced a wiring diagram (see below). I have various bits stashed, a Blue Sea Systems Dual Battery Switch, ACR and Fuse Panel. There’s more to buy (circuit breaker/switch panel) and spec (wire size etc) but for now I have an idea of how I want it. One of the other things I’ve want to do is move the batteries out of the V-berth to just behind the engine under the cockpit floor (which is dead space) like the owners of Ballad Auriga (without causing offence hopefully a bit neater). My reasons are firstly and mainly to free up space in the V-berth, the batteries were kept there for class rules I assume to balance the boat. Now I’m not going to race in any class races if I’m honest I would rather make Sundance more of a cruising boat, plus the battery wires are as thick as my thumb and run nearly the length of the boat. When it comes to balance the Ballad didn’t come with a chain locker as standard (so I believe). Sundance has one so that’s 50kg of anchor and chain up on the bow, and out of the lazarette also the old Volvo engine weighed a lot more then the Beta she has now. Keeping the batteries below the cockpit floor will keep the wiring runs short, all together and the boat neet, it will however mean the batteries won’t be as easily accessible.

Anyways here’s the plan…


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