Nav Pod Mk2

I upgraded the Nav Pod last 2018, for the 2019 season however I never fitted it to the boat or wired the instruments up.

Now I’ve decided to tweek it again.

I managed to save up to buy a Raymarine EV100 autopilot last year which is an upgrade I’ve really wanted to get sorted as my old tiller pilot wasn’t very reliable and could only really cope in flat conditions whilst motoring. The EV100 comes with a P70 control head and it made sense to put this in the pod. I sold the instruments I fitted the the pod last year and decided to utilise the Seatalk network of the EV100 and fit an I70 MFD and an DST800 depth and speed tranducer. This means there’s only one cable running the legth of the boat and neatens everything up.

I was very kindly gifted a remote control for the autopilot from a friend of mine however it needed a converter to get them to talk to eachother. This was also fitted into the pod and linked up to the Seatalk network.

The I70 will show AIS targets but you no charts so I’ve fitted a RAM mount onto the pod to hold my tablet which has chart loaded on it. Although tablets are great and cheap I would prefer to have a proper waterproof plotter in there. I’ll probably put the I70 on the chart table and get an Axiom 7 for the pod in the future but for now I’m very happy with the upgrades. If you want to see the old pod you an read about it at the link below.

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