Did We Make The Right Decision?

Smiles and Flat Water

We’ve just got back from a night away on Sundance, I say we, Louise and I, little man got left with Granny and Pop back in Welshpool. It was the first time we’ve left him over night, and we were 100 miles away so we were going to make the most of it.

We had planned this for a few months, it’s close to our wedding anniversary and we thought it would be nice to make the most of the boat. Louise isn’t the sailor type and although willing I don’t want to put her off so the lack of wind, flat sea and sun was a blessing. It was the usual trip to Cardiff, I spoke to Cardiff Yacht Club and asked it we could have a night on the pontoons. I’ve stopped once before, the first day I took Sundance out and was really impressed with the setup. The club house is lovely, clean, modern and views over the bay from the bar. The other plus side is CYC are happy to give visitors a key card to get in and out of the club and use the facilities, all in return for buying a few well earned drinks in the bar.

The trip down was uneventful, no wind so motor all the way. It was good as it meant Lou could get use to the handling on the boat. I noticed my handheld VHF was picking up talk on 16 but the fixed radio wasn’t. I’ve not been that impressed with the quality of the signal of the fixed set so I did a bit of investigating and the coax had pulled out of the PL259 connector where it exits the mast. Cable replaced and I was picking up chatter that I couldn’t on the handheld so another job fixed, I think I’ll look at replacing the mast head antenna for a METZ jobbie and replace the coax in the mast. Over this winter I want to see if I can fit some conduit in the mast and replace the tri and steaming light wiring at the same time.

On the visitors mooring at Cardiff Yacht Club.

We locked in and arrived at CYC, Lou hadn’t been through a lock before so it was something new and she hadn’t moored up against a pontoon either so all lots of stuff to take in. We made use of the bar straight away, I hadn’t wore a hat all the way down and was suffering for it, a cold cider went down well. In the bar was Robert and Annette from NUSC on their boat Shaula talking in the bar we got onto the subject on buying our boats. Rob mentioned he wished he had bought a boat when he was in his 30’s.

Light winds so no foils but still a good watch.

Lou and I made our way up to Mermaid Quay where it was very busy with people flocking to watch the Extreme Sailing Series. There was lots on, with it being school holidays, bank holiday and the sun was out. We grabbed a beer and a slice of cake and had a walk around before going back to the club.

Later on that afternoon another boat in the visitors pontoons, and Achilles 840, Amrum owned by Rob and his wife (sorry I forgot your name) from Thornbury Sailing Club. He came over after seeing Sundance to ask if she was an Albin Ballad after he sailed a friends from Dale to Thornbury a few months before. He commented on how well they sailed and sang the Ballads praises which was nice to hear.

We had a nice evening, sitting out on a balcony of one of the many restaurants, the sky dark but the air warm it took us back to our honeymoon a few years ago. Squinting slightly we could have been sat somewhere drinking wine in the Mediterranean, it was lovely. Fed and watered we made our way back to Sundance and put our heads down for the night.

The next day was as windless as the one before so after breakfast we locked out of Cardiff with Shaula and got back up to Newport for high water where we had an hour chatting to the other members in the sun.

So did we make the right decision buying Sundance? I think we have, we could have waited will we had retired, or we could have bought a smaller boat but you don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future. We’ve decided to live our lives now and enjoy the time we have in our one shot at it.

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