Looking forward to 2018 – Sailing plans…

Well as we near the end of the year, Sundance is out of the water, I’m very slowly working my way through the list of winter jobs and thinking about sailing trips next year. NUSC doesn’t launch till April and I’m already itching to get back on the water.

I have a few interesting trips in the pipeline…

Firstly, Bill who keeps a well written blog scapegoatsanonĀ about sailing in the Bristol Chanel, his band and life in general is looking to move his (well his Dad’s) boat from Cardiff to Plymouth early next year. He’s asked for crew for the trip round which I’ve offered to help. It may not happen, I have a week holiday to take, but I have to book it well in advance and times or weather might not work out but if it does it’ll be a great little sail. It’ll be good to do the trip “round the corner” with a couple of other people as I really want to take Sundance round for the 2019 Jester Baltimore Challenge start. I’ve been told Sundance has done the trip many times with Ron her previous owner and knows her way, however I haven’t, so it’ll be good have done it before, so it’s not so daunting.

The other opportunity on the horizon will be to crew for a friend on his Rustler 31, Toroa in the 2018 IOW Round the Island Race. David and Toroa made the trip round to Portsmouth earlier on this year so David could re-train as a shipwright. He’s been living on her in Gosport whilst learning his new skills, it looks like he’ll be relocating there from his home port of Holyhead permanently with his family. David and I have very similar ambitions (however he’s better atĀ fulfilling them then myself) and the RTIR is one of those so it’s fantastic he’s offered me a place.

I’m looking forward to both trips if they come off, I’m crossing my fingers… both will give me some experience on other peoples boats in new waters as crew.

Obviously Sundance will be launched and I’m planning on exploring more of the Chanel. Vin is getting older and stable on his feet so I’m sure he’ll love a few trips out on the boat, he’s been eager to help (*read move tools and see what Dad is doing curled up in that locker) with the winter jobs. I would like to get over to Portishead, Ilfracombe, Lundy and Dale next year if possible but it’ll all be down to time as always.

Anyways, Merry Christmas and I hope your sailing plans in 2018 come to fruition.


  1. Can you till me if this is the same David that I travelled with in the 2017 jesters?
    I have tried to contact him to find out if he survived the Holyhead storm. ? Looks like he did! Please let him know preston (Lamu) was asking after him
    Thanks preston

    1. Hi Preston, yes same David. He moved his boat down to Portsmouth and started a boat building course a few months before the storm hit. You actually invited me on Lamu in Pwllheli before the Jester start if I remember rightly, I came up to watch everyone off but with the weather it didn’t happen.

      Are you planning on the 2019 Jester? I think David and I are looking at it but it’ll be a Plymouth start. I’ll let him know you’ve been in touch.


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