I’ve won the Euromillions!!!!!

Well I haven’t but the question was asked on the YBW forums what would be on your boat wishlist if you had won £160,000,000

Here’s mine now it’s sunk in….

Firstly, I would go out and buy the best original Albin Ballad I could find, I would lavish money on it to restore it back to it’s original condition. I know it sounds silly but I really do love the class, in my eyes there’s not many boats that I could ever imagine owning (or afford).

Then I would throw an insane amount of money on Sundance. Well actually I would probably do this first! I would refit her with everything I dream of doing now and keep her in on the Isle of Wight. I won’t go into detail of what I’ll do, I’ll save that for a later post.

Thirdly, I would commission a band new Ballad (or a fleet), I believe the original moulds have long been destroyed but I would make a  new mould(s) with the improvements I would make on Sundance and produce a new batch. This new boat would be kitted out as my ultimate Jester Challenge boat.

Now lets move away from the poor man’s Contessas.

My next boat would be a spanky new Rustler 36, this would be totally built for solo sailing and circumnavigation pretty much what Sundance would be, but eligible to take part in the Golden Globe Race or the Longue Route.

I’m sounding greedy here but hey I have a stupid amount of money to spend!

Next would be one of the 72ft Challenge yachts from the late 90s. There’s only a handful but I’m sure I could convince one of the owners to part with theirs. This would be the “lads” boat, one for me and the “crew” to go off on adventures.

Now lets start thinking of the family (this should be at the top of the list, but hey, Sundance is family plus I’m just trying to keep this in some sort of structure for you)

Hallberg Rassy 46, I have a thing for Swedish boats so naturally the HR gets on the list. Which HR I don’t really know. I could never afford one so I don’t really know the good from the bad but the 46 is a fine looking boat and I think would look after the family well.

I think we would have to go for a big dirty cat. Again I have no idea which one I would go for, but I think Lou would like something with a bit of luxury so we’ll be going to a couple of boat shows to sip Champagne and be bullshitted by sales reps.

Lastly some large old wooden pilot cutter or classic schooner that I would need a crew to sail with. This would be the lets go sailing in exotic places on holiday boat and let other people sail it for us.

Although I’ve been very self indulgent there would be quite a bit left in the kitty so lets talk property.

Home is where the heart is and I’m sure Lou would fall in love with Porto Vecchio in Corsica if she saw it. I really wanted to take her there for our honeymoon but we just couldn’t afford it but I’ll take her there at some point in our lives. This would be where I would live if I had the choice.

I would also buy a holiday home on the Isle of Wight, if I was going to keep Sundance there I’ll need a place to stop. Although I’ve been a few times I don’t know it that well but Yarmouth seems a nice place.

With all these toys I would need somewhere to keep them so I’ll look to buy a marina, hell I have an easy £100 mil in the bank. Logic says to buy somewhere in the Solent or somewhere exotic but I don’t think that’s really me. I’m thinking more somewhere on the Welsh coast, probably Milford Haven but I wouldn’t discount North Wales, my fondness for South is fairly recent but I’ve felt like an honorary Welshman since sailing from Newport. From here I would start a youth sailing school, to train up the next generation of sailors but I would also open it up to well, pretty much everyone who’s interested in sailing, especially Joe Bloggs and his family.

Lastly, I would build a new clubhouse and upgrade the facilities at the club I keep Sundance at.

To keep with the 2 wheels side of the blog when it comes to push bikes…

Respray my CAAD9 with some funky in keeping paintwork and upgrade the components to suitable Shimano stuff and a set if fancy Mavic wheels.

I would love an origional Look KG86 to hang on the wall.

The only new bike I would go for would be another Look something like the 795 Light RS just for that intergrated stem in the frame mmmmmmm.

As for motorcycles…

Give the RGV a once over (again)

Yamaha XS1-A 650

RD 350 LC (pretty much as my project one but actually finished)

Minty RG 500

2000ish Honda RS250 race bike (plus lots of spares!)

Ural combination

2014 Yamaha Big Bang R1 please!

Obviously parents and siblings on both sides would be looked after, they all mean the world to us.

As for the rest of the money, I’m sure Lou has ideas of her own and with all these boat I’ll be sailing quite a bit so I’m sure she’ll be jetting off around the world after me.



  1. Hi Tom,
    Have you thought of moving Ballad to holyhead?
    I have my ballad on a swing mooring march- october £750 ish plus joining the club £130 ish a little more for the family.
    24 hour access no depth sounder needed= lots of sailing.
    I live in nottingham takes me 3 1/2 hours your half way there!

  2. Hi Tim, thanks for the comment, I’ve seen your video’s on YouTube! I did consider Pwllheli and Holyhead when I was looking for a boat, I have a friend who keeps his Rustler 31 there (well it’s in Portsmouth at the moment) and he loves it. It’s about the same sort of distance and time as it takes for me to get to Newport. I know I’m restricted with tides in Newport but a bit of planning it works out ok, plus it’s only £200 for membership inc the mooring! And the club is fantastic, the other members have made me feel so welcome and keep an eye on the boat for me, really it’s the club that keeps me there. If I had to move the boat Holyhead would be top of the list followed by Cardiff, I would love to be on the Cornish coast but its just to far to drive.

    If you ever fancy a sail in the Bristol Channel on another Ballad give me a shout.

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