I’m on the “List”, no going back now…

That’s it, I’m on the list… no not that one… the Jester Challenge Baltimore 2019 list.

Although I’ve been planning and prepping for the 2019 JBC since, well before the 2017 one I didn’t really want to make my intentions known till closer to the date in case it didn’t happen.

I had planned on sailing the 2015 one but with Sundance being so new to me and the fact she was set up for club racing with a crew it would have been silly for me to do it. She and more importantly I wern’t up for it, I withdrew my intation to get to the start line, I didn’t want to do the same again.

Since then I’ve got a lot more sea miles under my belt, not as many any as I would have liked but enough to know Sundance and her ways. We’ve sailed more night and solo hours than last year and I now feel I know how she moves. The Navik windvane is a god send and I’ve made up with the tiller pilot and it’s wayward ways. I’ve upgraded the electronics with an AIS transponder and plan on a rewire over the winter to make sure I know every inch of her.

I think I’ve sorted a mooring for a few weeks before the start on the Tamar, I have a list of other essentials and, I’m marked on Ewen Southby-Tailyour’s notepad, if I can make it to Plymouth I can make it to Ireland.

More to follow…

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