Half a Day Off And The Mooring Meeting!

We’re making progress… as I mentioned before it was the mooring meeting at the club last Wednesday so I had booked half a day off work to get down before it started and try to get a few more jobs ticked off the list. A quick blast down and I was at the club, well I’m not sure you can blast anywhere in a 1.5 NA diesel car but I got there.

First thing on the list was to try out the improvised puller I made to draw in the cutlass bearing.

It worked a treat, infact it worked better then I thought it would. Who would have thought a bit of box section I had in the corner of the garage and a few quids worth of all-thread some nuts, a drill and an angle grinder and you would make a tool that worked.

Next on the list was to get the sterngland/shaft seals on, I think I mentioned before that the rubber that was on the boat was a bit bigger then it should have been so I had to order a slightly smaller one from T. Norris, another £25 spent. The old rubber has been on for at least 14 years when the new engine was fitted, possibly even before.

The old one on the right, you can see the Sikaflex used to help seal it. The middle one is the one I ordered that was the same size as the old one, 1″ 3/4, although when clamped down this did the job the seal “boss” slid in with not much resistance (as there’s a protruding ridge around it increasing the diameter by 3-4mm) the prop tube just slopped about like a well insert your own innuendo here. The rubber on the left was the smaller replacement I ordered, 1″ 5/8 so only 1/8 smaller but  enough to make a difference. I had to get the trusty dremel out and remove some resin that had been poured around the old rubber, it wasn’t a lot as the new rubber was slightly smaller but just enough to slide the rubber on with the clamp. Again this went pretty well and didn’t take a huge amount of time, just effort trying to crawl under the cockpit sole. Lastly I test fitted the outboard bracket and locker hinge pads, I had drilled the holes but I wanted to check they were in the right place before I finished them with Deks Olje D1 and D2.

Possible outboard bracket location, but if you look in the backbround you can see the tide out in the Pill.

I’m a little undecided how I’m going to lay out the pushpit with the various paraphernalia we like to adorn them with. There’s the horseshoe, MOB recovery sling, outboard, spare VHF antenna, GPS puck. I should look at getting a decent danbuoy on there, I have a small one old down below somewhere, not much use if I need it! Eventually I would like to get a towed generator and a Fortress anchor to mount on there as a kedge (my kedge is a heavy danforth at the bottom of the locker). Lots of things for a small area!

The sun did it’s usual thing and set before I managed to get on with any more jobs but I was happy that I got the cutlass in and the stern gland on. It means that all the holes are plugged up and she could be launched and not sink (well we need to check for leaks, fingers crossed) ! I managed to grab a bite to eat and catch up with a few people in the clubhouse before the mooring meeting started.

I had been last years mooring meeting to get my temporary mooring for Sundance so I knew what to expect but I hadn’t actually been that involved in what to do, basically as I hadn’t got a permanent mooring already I needed to bid for anything and everything in the Pill. There was a chance I would be given a river mooring which I was hoping didn’t happen as it would have been down the bottom of the mooring and being so far away from the boat meant it was unlikely people couldn’t keep an eye on her for me. Short story, the mooring officer already had an idea of what was going to happen, there as three mooring needed and three spaces in the Pill so they were allocated for us, no “bidding” needed.

That’s mine, on the left hand side of the Pill, marked by the blue drum two places to the left of ZigZag. It’s the far side to the club so slightly exposed (although the whole of the Pill is pretty well sheltered) but is in the middle so far to row and protected by the boats either side. It’s not been used for 6 years, I think it was kept as a spare. I’ve been told the lines should be there but are possibly sunk in the mud or pulled up on the bank so I need to don some old clothes and go digging in the mud! I may have to put some new mooring lines on, possibly drive in some posts to anchor them to on the bank, we’ll see the next time I’m down.


    1. Hi Mick, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, always nice to her from people. You’re right, life’s too short and there’s only this one, we don’t get the days back we waste.

      I’ve had avquivk glick through your blog, I’ll have a proper read later. Just seen your upholstery post, something I’ll be kean to get done at some point.

      Have a good 2018 sailing season.

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