Finally sorted the diesel issue, for now…..

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts recently (if anyone’s actually reading them). Life is very busy with a one year old and working in the motorcycle trade when the sun shines we get busy, and when we get busy I want to do as little as possible unless it’s  sailing.

In my last post I mentioned the cotton braded diesel pipe felt wet but I wasn’t sure if it was from bleeding or from a leak, well as you can see in the picture below the pipe had been deformed as it lay over, well pushed against the copper pipe feeding the CAV filter.

Not the best picture but you can see the deformed diesel pipe. When I removed the brading the pipe fell in two.

The CAV filter had an elbow exiting which the cotton braded pipe pushes onto, this elbow was aimed straight at the copper pipe which meant the braded rubber pipe was kinked over the copper pipe. I imagine this was not only restricting the flow (although you couldn’t tell) it stressed the rubber pipe causing it to harden and crack where the two met. The answer was to back off the nut holding the elbow in, move the elbow round 30 degrees and tighten the nut. This means the new rubber pipe goes over the top of the copper pipe in a nice arc and won’t chafe through again.

My finest “paint” skills… you get the idea… hopefully

I also decided to fit a primer bulb in the new hose between the CAV filter and the lift pump, just to help bleed the system in future without having to turn the engine over or pump a tiny lever on the lift pump.

I bet the engine has run for 10 hours or so since doing this work and it’s not missed a beat. I’m not fooling myself and think I won’t have other engine issues in the future but hopefully I’ll keep them at bay with regular inspections and maintenance.

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