My Desert Island Discs

I do enjoy Radio 4, I like listening to people talk probably more then I enjoy listening to music, not that I don’t like listening to a song or two now and then. I never really know who’s going to be on it, some people I’ve heard of, other I haven’t however, I haven’t found one yet that I’ve wanted to turn off. Everyone has a story and I feel we should all take the time to listen, and we should listen to the music they enjoy, even if it isn’t your thing. If I ever manage to do a transatlantic sail then I would love to download the archive and spend my time bobbing about in the¬†doldrums learning and listening to the story of peoples lives.


Being a child of the 80’s and growing up in the 90’s I’m not entirely sure what influenced me. My father listened to The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Penguin Caf√© Orchestra, my mother The Beatles, Elvis and the like. My elder brother who I shared a room with, being a few years older use to come home form illegal raves in the early 90’s played electronica music in our room at silly o’clock in the morning probably influenced my tastes most.

Disc 1

Clubbed to Death – Rob Dougan

When I get wrecked on a desert island I can imagine this being played at full pelt during the storm.

A powerful piece of modern classical music, make famous by the Matrix, but worthy in it’s own right.

Disc 2

Wonderful Life – Black

Steel drums, you can’t beat a bit of that Caribbean vibe. It’s true though, we really have a wonderful life.

Disc 3

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger – Daft Punk

Motivation music! I’m going to need a bit of getup-and-go on the Island and Daft Punk deliver every time!

Disc 4

How Long WIll I Love You – Jon Boden, Sam Sweeney & Ben Coleman

The song we had for our first dance, what more can I say?!

Disc 5

You Are My Sunshine – Elizabeth Mitchell

Make up music. The wife and I have never had a full on argument but we talking about “issues”.

When we don’t agree and I go into a sulk, a message of with the words of the chorus from this song makes me melt and instantly forget all what the discussion was about.

Disc 6

Adagio for Strings – Samuel Barber

When things are going good. I’ve got over the storm, realised how lucky I am, built my shelter and thought of the wife, then it’s time to lay back, close my eyes and stick this on…

Disc 7

These Are The Days Of Our Lives- Queen

I had to pick a Queen song, this may not be my favorite but it’ll be the one to suit desert island life, to think back of the friends and memories I have and have made during my life.

Disc 8

Sail Away – David Grey

When it comes to an end and I slip away from island life this is what I want to be playing, but untill then I play this in realy life to try and entice the other half into a wild adventure and sailing around the world…

Out of all the songs I would save Black, Wonderful life from the waves.

As always I would have the complete works of Shakespeare.

Athough I’m a non-practicing Christian and not particually religious I think I would like to learn from another faith so I would like to take an English version of the Guru Granth Sahib as my religious text, in place of the Bible.

My book of choice would be George Orwell 1984. I’m yet to read it but it may make me not realise a desert island isn’t the worst place to be.

My luxury would be unbreakable fishing kit. Growing up fishing it would be a nice thing to pass time as well as an enjoyable time eating the catch!

Want to share yours? Comment below!

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