The Bikes

Cannondale CAAD9


This is my main bike, the first one I pick when I walk into the garage, the one I love to ride in the warm spring air with a cooling breeze blowing past. I’ve always been a massive fan of Cannondales and have lusted for one ever since a friends older brother had one back in the late 90’s. I decided to go for the CAAD9 after owning an older R600 CAAD5, the 9 being the last of the “Made in the USA” and known for being the best frame they’ve made. It’s carried me on so many sportives and ride outs with friends I would never want to sell it, and in reality I don’t need anything better or newer then this for my ability.

Cannondale Trail SL1SL1

As much as I would define myself as a roadie every cyclist needs a muddy bike. Living in Shropshire we have the beautiful countryside surrounding us with a mass of off road trails to explore, or speedy batches to descend. We also visit some good friends in Lyndhurst, which has some paths that interlink to various places throughout the New Forest. We enjoy cycling along at a leisurely pace so a hardtail was the ticket for me.

Marin Fairfax SC1

MarinThis was bought as the “family bike” so when I go riding with the wife I’m in a more comfortable posistion, with some fatter 28c tyres taking he bumps out of the family friendly paths we ride on. I can fit a baby carrier on the rack for the little one to come along as well so I can only see myself riding this bike more and more. I had a Marin Lucas Valley a number of years ago before my CAAD5, one of the few bikes I’ve bought new, it was stolen after a few months of owning it but I really enjoyed getting places fast without having to be an all out Lycra clad, drop bar roadie. It was only natural I had another hybrid like this for those casual sunny Sundays with the family.

FWFred Williams Steel Frame



I’ve always liked slender steel frame bikes and with “Freds” being my local bike shop for many years it only made sense I found myself a classic “freds” frame. This little beauty was found locally on eBay and bought for a mear £50. When I picked it up it was littered on Shimano 600/105 parts dating from the late 80’s. I considered turning it into a “fixie” however it seemed criminal so I intend to “La Eroica” this bike and enter some casual classic races.