Now I’m not normally one for sharing other people’s stories very often but this is a lovely story and I hope I can bring my Son’s up well enough for them to feel the same way about me when I’m past it…

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At the Chart table. The night before we left the harbor for a certain destination, Dad would pull out the appropriate chart to plot a course. He would ask me to do it. I’d get the parallels, determine the heading. Then he would always quiz me. “You’re not done yet, right?” I, of course, remembered to check the deviation table for adjustments. I was proud that I knew the routine, and it felt good. But what felt better was the fact that he was proud of me. Nothing then or since ever felt quite the same. Because Dad was my hero, I got that special feeling when we were together, doing what he loved, and what I grew to love. I have many joys in my life, but that feeling I got being with him is something I will never stop feeling. All I have to do is remember. The sad part is that we can’t talk about those things any more, because he has no memory of any of it. I am working hard with my efforts to encourage anyone who is able, to donate to the Alzheimer’s Association. Every little bit collectively makes a huge difference. The Association is working hard to help end this awful disease. I will be proudly walking to end Alzheimer’s in November.

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