About me

Welcome to 2Wheels1Keel a cycling and sailing blog I’ve created to document my adventures on two wheels and with one keel with some life adventures thrown in! I want to share the things that makes me happy, the beautiful country we live in and what I get up to.

I’m Tom, a slightly porky, thirty something in living in sunny Shropshire with my wife Louise and our new baby Vincent.

TomCycling and sailing tick my boxes, but not just taking part in these activities, all the things that come with them as well.

I don’t claim to be an expert, or particularly any good at either but they do bring enjoyment to my life and I hope this website brings some to you.

It all started like this….

As with most children I had bikes, the freedom of being able to go anywhere, without dependency and cost made a huge impact on me. I can vividly remember my first “proper” bike, a red Giant rigid MTB that I abused for many miles around the West Midlands before the chain snapped 10 or so miles from home resulting in being rescued by “mom”!

I’m now luckily enough to own a plethora of bikes to for fill the cyclists N+1 rule, You can see these on the About the Bikes Page.

Young TomBefore my memories of cycling, I can remember is learning to sail, aged about six in a Mirror at Chasewater Sailing Club Staffordshire with my father, elder brother and younger sister. A year or so later I was bobbing around for hours in my very own Prout Puffin thinking I was sailing in the Whitbread challenge! Increasing club fees, maintenance cost of wooden boats and my father being made redundant put a premature end to my childhood sailing adventures, however boats have never left my heart. I’ve flittered in and out of sailing since, club racing lasers, and chartering a 37ft Bavaria with eight of my friends for my stag do! I’ve not saved for many years to be able to buy my own boat, Sundance.